July 21, 2020

Pre-Op Appointment & Covid Testing

Azer has been working on trying to gain muscle mass, to better his chances to play college baseball. It seems to be working, as his weight was the highest it's been this year.

The pre-op appointment went pretty fast. We were previously given all the instructions over the phone on when to stop eating, what medications to take etc. They went over all of this information with him again as well as reviewing all his medications. The CF doctor decided that she would like to do a bronchoscopy during the polyp surgery. It is undecided if he will need IV antibiotics after this, but they will see how he feels the day after surgery. If he does need IVs, he will stay in the hospital for a while, and then we could finish the course at home with a PICC line. 

After the appointment, Azer got swabbed for COVID-19. If he is negative, he is good to go for surgery this week! 

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