July 20, 2020

CT Scan and ENT appointment

Azer had his CT scan done last week. The ENT doctor scheduled the virtual visit sooner than previously planned to discuss how it looked. She said his septum is still really straight. There was a fair amount of polyps blocking both sides, one worse than the other. She said that surgery at this point is the best option. She said when they remove the polyps, they will test the mucus for bacteria and fungus to make sure he isn't culturing something different than what he usually grows in his lungs.

Over the past two weeks, he has been pretty miserable for most of the day. He wakes up with a constant, deep cough, sometimes to the point of vomiting. He has had a low grade fever most mornings, and even when he doesn't have a fever, he feels chilled. He feels exhausted and sleeps most of the day, until the afternoon. By the afternoon, he starts feeling a lot better, and isn't cold anymore. He asked the doctor if there is anything he can do in the mean time to feel better before surgery. There isn't a lot of options in addition to all that he has already been doing. The CF clinic doesn't want to do additional antibiotics, as he has already been on several courses since the beginning of the year, including the last three weeks. The only possible relief is hypertonic saline in his nasal rinses. 

Hopefully relief for him comes very soon!

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