June 17, 2020


Azer had a quick televisit with his Pulmonologist this week, just to update her on how he is. Azer has been taking an OTC nasal decongestant, which has been helping the cough somewhat. It also seems to be causing some ear pain, and headaches in the evening, which are helped with his sinus rinses. The doctor said that because the cough is worse in the morning, and gets better throughout the day, this sounds like it may be a sinus problem. He has been outside a lot more, so she told him he could try an additional allergy pill in the morning. The lung burning seems to be resolved, so it likely was some inflammation in the chest wall caused by excessive coughing. Azer had an orthodontist appointment about a week after having his wisdom teeth out, so his teeth have been very sore, and he's also had very little appetite.

His ENT visit went fairly quickly today. Azer told her everything that they've tried to help his cough. He let her know that if this isn't a sinus problem, the only other option going forward is a bronchoscopy.

She looked in his nose. There is some inflammation, as there always is, and some visible polyps. She wants to get a CT scan done, but right now, it would be difficult to get a clear picture of the polyps among all the inflammation. She is giving Azer about a month of antibiotics, and is adding another steroid ointment to his nasal rinse on top of the pulmicort and inhaled pulmozyme. She is also adding an antihistamine spray with his usual Flonase. After three weeks of this, he will have a CT scan done, and she will assess if things have gotten any better. If not, Azer might be having another polyp removal surgery. The ENT doctor said she would discuss with the pulmonologist if it would be possible to schedule a bronchoscopy during the same surgery.

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