July 23, 2020


Initially Azer didn't feel like he needed a bronchoscopy, since he feels like his lungs are pretty clear. His doctor came in and explained that since he's going under anesthesia, it is the perfect time to get some mucus samples from deep down in his lungs, that perhaps he's growing a bacteria that isn't coming out when he coughs up mucus. She also said that if the sinus surgery doesn't help and that cough and fevers, it would be more trouble to come back in for another surgery.

The ENT doctor explained she will go in and open up his sinuses more, remove the polyps and clean out all the old mucus stuck up there. They will send the everything for biopsy and cultures.

They are planning for him to stay overnight for observation, and they will wait to see what he cultures before deciding to do IV antibiotics. 

Azer isn't too nervous, especially after his main pulmonologist came in and explained the entire procedure. He said he's glad she's the one doing the bronchoscopy. 

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