July 23, 2020

Surgery - Post-Op

The bronchoscopy went quickly. Azer's pulmonologist came out after to talk about what she saw. She said his lungs look healthy and clear, except for some mucus and inflammation at the entrance of the lungs. She believes this was from post-nasal drip. She said that bronchs done on CF kids before Trikafta were very different. She said there was usually so much mucus, they'd have to clean their camera frequently, and that they would suction so much mucus out, it seemed endless. So, the Trikafta is definitely helping his lungs! I asked about the possibility of microbacterium, if the effects of it can be visually seen. She said not usually, unless it is advanced. 

They applied some lidocaine to the inside of his throat area, to help limit any agitation that could cause coughing during surgery. This should also help him after he wakes up. They are also using steroids in his sinuses to cut down on inflammation. 

The sinus surgery lasted about three hours. The ENT doctor said there weren't that many polyps up there, some scarring but that he had a lot of dried up mucus up there. She said that the only way to help this not happen so quickly is sinus rinses. She put some dissolvable packets that should dissolve on their own. She hopes that this will help end his constant coughing. 

His nose and throat are really sore, but there isn't too much bleeding, but he is definitely hurting. His oxygen was a little low after surgery so they kept him in recovery a little longer than usual. He is now admitted and being observed overnight.

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