July 24, 2020

Getting Better

Azer is recalling a bit from when he was waking him. The first thing he did when he woke up was start joking. Tommy couldn't be here, as they are only allowing one parent to be with the patient due to Covid precautions.

Azer was in a lot of pain last night, and it took hours for them to get approval to give him something stronger. This was very frustrating and distressing. When he finally took the pain medication, his pain was gone in about 10 minutes and he was feeling good enough to eat dinner.

Azer's oxygen got a little low last night. The RT came in and repositioned him and put an oxygen mask near him. His oxygen is still running a little lower than his normal. He is coughing up globs of blood, and his nose is still oozing, but he isn't in any pain, and is feeling a lot better. They are continuing to monitor his heart rate and oxygen levels today.

They are still waiting for cultures to come back, but it sounds like they will most likely start a course of IV antibiotics. We asked why another course of antibiotics would even work, as he's been on both IV and oral antibiotics so many times this year. They explained that he had one of the worst cases of sinusitis they have seen, and that now that the old infected gunk and polyps are gone, the antibiotics will be able to clear out any remaining bacteria. They also said that polyps and harbor infection and bacteria.

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