July 24, 2020

PICC Line and the Plan

Azer felt quite a bit better as the day went on. He did a nasal rinse, which was a bit painful. The oozing never seemed to end. The ENT doctor who did the surgery came to see what could be done. She carefully suctioned a bunch of blood out of both nostrils. The bleeding seemed to slow down quite a bit after that. She wants him to really try to do four rinses a day, and to hold the sinus steroids for several weeks. Later in the afternoon, another ENT doctor came and suctioned his nose again. The next sinus rinse was painful, but manageable.

So far, the cultures show a lot of MSSA, so they put in a PICC line today, and started a broad spectrum antibiotics. They are trying put in the orders to continue IVs at home, perhaps tomorrow!

He is feeling pretty good tonight and is hungry, but says he can't taste much. We are watching opening day for our Texas Rangers!

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