November 21, 2020

Surgery and ENT Appointments

This week Azer had an appointment with surgery and with ENT. The surgery appointment was basically just a formality to make sure his stiches had disolved and that things had healed well. He was given the all clear to increase the rate of his G-tube feeds, provided it's not causing pain. He has been gradually able to eat more food, but still has to eat smaller than his usual amount at a time. 

The ENT appointment was to see if anything in his sinuses is causing him to get sick again. The ENT doctor said everything looked good, and she didn't see any polyps. She recommended him to continue to use his sinus rinses at least once a day. 

He is still coughing quite a bit, but hasn't had fevers or chills this time. The CF clinic said that if his lungs continue to decline, they may start oral or inhaled antibiotics. 

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