October 27, 2020


Surgery, GI and the Pulmonary teams all feel comfortable with Azer going home today. His PFTs were better than when he got admitted. He has a follow up with the CF clinic and the ENT doctor in a few weeks, as well as a follow up appointment with surgery. He needs to be on the mechanical soft diet for 6 weeks, and keep his G-tube feeds at a rate for the next 6 weeks as well. This one is tough, as his morning feed ends up lasting for 5 hours, so even though he is craving a lot of different foods, he is too full of formula to eat much at all. A friend of Azer's sent some Pho noodles which he should be able to eat!

Having the Nissen has been a learning experience for Azer. He learned he has to be mindful of how well he chews his food. He's found if he doesn't chew well enough, even soft foods kind of stay stuck and don't go down, and eventually come back up again.

GI took Azer off of one of his GI medications, as they felt like he didn't need it anymore, now that he can't physically reflux. He's been off of it for four days now, and he hasn't experienced any bloating, which is amazing. 

Overall, he is recovering very well and is so glad to be home!

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