October 10, 2020

Admission - Again

So originally, Azer's surgery was scheduled for the end of October. He had a telemed visit with his pulmonologist. Azer has been doing an inhaled antibiotic which still hasn't helped the chills, increased cough or the fatigue. She opted to push the surgery date to next week, and to admit today. She wanted to admit Azer several days before surgery to start IV antibiotics, to get his lungs as healthy as possible. He will likely have trouble coughing after surgery. 

It feels strange to be back in the hospital so soon after last time. Azer had his third Covid-19 test today. There isn't an exact date or time for surgery yet. The main worry Azer has is about the possibility of the surgeon moving his G-tube to a different location. Azer remembers that the surgery for his G-tube was pretty painful and he doesn't want to experience that again. 

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