September 18, 2020

Treating for Fungus

 The doctors started Azer on an antifungal to treat the aspergillus. The ID said that if the aspergillus turned resistant, that he would be ineligible in the future for a lung transplant, so they need to make sure they get all of it. It still is a mystery why it hasn't shown up before. The blood test for aspergillus was negative but different type of test came back positive for a fungal infection. They stopped one of the IV antibiotics and added an oral one. He is staying admitted for sure through the weekend. 

PFTs on Thursday were a few points higher than Monday. The antifungal medication is already causing his vision to be blurry, so they are having to run it slower. 

Azer had another appointment with his psychiatrist yesterday to discuss if there was another ADHD medication he could try that wouldn't interact with the antibiotics or antifungal. They have to run it by the pharmacy first to make sure. 

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