September 1, 2020

Day 1 of Hospitalization


Azer's oxygen was low last night, so they put him on supplemental oxygen over night. He said the nasal cannula was really uncomfortable. His oxygen saturation has gotten better during the day today. 

The GI team came by, and they doubt that this is reflux or aspiration. Just to be extra sure that it isn't GI related, the day before he goes home, they will do a 24 hour esophageal ph test. This is where they will insert a special NG tube in to monitor reflux. A benefit of this is, even if it isn't reflux, they will be able to see how acidic his GI is, and might be able to taper him off of some of his GI medications. 

His sputum cultures are still pending, but all of his blood tests so far look really good. So far, there are no answers as to why he's so sick. He is trying to stay caught up with his classes, but it is difficult with so many treatments going on. 

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