July 31, 2020

Home IV's Going Well

Home IV's have been going pretty well. The hospital staff adjusted the schedule while we were there to make it easier on our sleep schedule at home. It isn't too difficult as he only is on one IV medication. 

So far, all the cultures from both the sinuses and lungs have come back negative for everything except for MSSA. Some of the cultures are still pending for the next few weeks, but so far it looks promising.

Nasal rinses have been getting a lot easier for him. The bleeding is pretty much gone now, and he is able to breathe through his nose finally. He's not sure if the dissolvable packets are still there. He has been coughing considerably less. 

Azer had a dressing change today at clinic. The first one is always the most painful, but it wasn't too bad this time. The plan is to do one more week of IV antibiotics, and to see the ENT doctor in a few weeks to make sure everything is healing well. 

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