February 6, 2019

Baseball & Breathing Treatments

So far, Azer has been able to manage daily baseball practices in the evening, and doing his breathing treatments. We have helped him get his feed ready in the evenings to help him get to bed earlier.

Last night was his first scrimmage. We bought him a special battery powered portable nebulizer. He was able to use this on the bus on the way back home and got his nebulized medicines done. He said the nebulizer was easy to use and quiet. He didn't have time to do his vest last night, but at least he will be able to get the majority of his treatment done on late nights while away from home.

Azer did a great job staying hydrated and packed lunch and dinner for himself, and when he got home late last night, he managed to get his growth hormones and the rest of his inhaled medications done.

He is exhausted today...

As least he woke up enough to start his breathing treatment this morning lol

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