February 22, 2019

CF Clinic

Azer had an early CF Clinic yesterday, followed by two games an hour away, so needless to say, he is pretty tired today!

Azer lost a few pounds since his last CF appointment, and hasn't grown enough to see a change. The dietician came in to discuss what he eats and how to add calories without disrupting his G-tube feeds too much. He is eating snacks and his appetite has been pretty good lately. He packs his own lunches and fixes his own dinner since he knows what he is craving at the time. So, the only change is to increase the Liquigen added to his night feeds for a small increase in calories. Since he has been lifting weights several times a week, and has had baseball practice nearly everyday, he has been burning quite a few more calories than usual. He has also been visibly putting on a lot of muscle. The dietician mentioned that sometimes the CFF focuses so much on the number of the BMI, without taking into consideration muscle mass and body fat. It would interesting to see the long term effect of a healthy BMI with the a measurement of muscle mass versus a higher BMI and a higher percentage of body fat.

The doctor said to not worry too much about the growth just yet, as the Endocronologist looks at the long term trend.

Azer's Fev1 looked pretty good today. His next CF appointment will be in only a few months instead of longer because of allergy season coming up. We discussed with the doctor that Azer hasn't been able to be consistent with his Periactin as sometimes he gets home too late to take it. If he takes it right before bed, he is so sleepy the next morning, he can barely function. Whenever he misses a few dosages of Periactin during allergy season, he gets so symptomatic, that he feels like he's getting a lung infection.  One of the assistant doctors suggested a prescription allergy medication that is not an anti-histamine so it shouldn't make him drowsy. Hee can also take it with or without Periactin.

About two weeks ago, Azer started to have a sinus headache. Nothing seems to touch it. One morning, during his breathing treatment, he started getting a nose bleed that lasted an hour. He tried to not blow his nose that day, but it started oozing again that night. The weird thing was after the nose bleed, he said he could smell a lot better, but that it was very sore. We let both ENT and his CF doctor know.

Update: ENT said that the nose bleed was possibly caused by winter time dryness, and to use the antibiotic ointment to keep it moist.

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