May 13, 2016

G-button Infection

So, Azer's lung culture came back as abundant Staph that grew two colonies. Despite this and the not so great chest X-ray, our pulmonologist wants to hold off on antibiotics since Staph is so common, and if we over-treat it, it could become resistant to antibiotics eventually.

Despite using gauze around his G-button and keeping his stoma very clean, it has continued to be wet, red, warm, painful, and leak pus. The GI doctor has concluded that it is infected and has prescribed antibiotics to treat it. They also are trying to get a pharmacy to send us some special dressing that will promote healing. We don't know why his stoma got infected, but apparently it's not that uncommon.

Sorry for the gross picture, but when I searched for a mildly infected G-tube stoma, I couldn't find a whole lot. The one I did find was very helpful. Usually, he doesn't have any pink tissue around it, and there is no discharge. 

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