May 3, 2010

Enzyme changes ... oh dear

So, it seems that Pancrecarb, the enzyme Azer has been taking since the beginning, is not going to be produced. I don't know if it's permanently, or just for the time being. But, I called the CF clinic, and the nurse confirmed it. She said when Azer needs a refill on enzymes, they will be putting him on a different kind. I'm so worried about it. His digestion and absorption is so difficult to get right. Either he's constipated, or he's not absorbing at all. I just hope that the new enzymes work as well as the Pancrecarb has always seemed to work.


Froggymama said...

Ugh, we're in the same boat! Pancrecarb is the only enzyme that worked for us. Our clinic supposedly stocked up on it, in case we run out. The pancrecarb rep. at our CF Education day said they will definitely get the FDA approval...but geez it's hard to trust a rep. I'm crossing my fingers here too.

Seth Soria said...

My 5 yr old son takes Creon and it has worked great for him and I imagine if his Doc's changed that I would freak out! If it's not broke don't fix it!!! Good luck, we'll be following your blog!