May 9, 2010

Ear infections for Mother's Day!??

On Friday, the kids had Field Day at school, and Azer and Reema spent a few hours in the sun running around and having a great time.

That evening, Azer had baseball practice. I kind of noticed he looked just barely not quite right. I wasn't sure if maybe it was from being out the sun all day. That night, he was up literally all night with a severe headache and his ears hurt.

So yesterday morning, he woke up feeling horrible. He was crying and his head hurt really bad. But, he had a baseball game, and he spent the whole morning trying to convince me that he was fine. I didn't have the heart to say "no" to him, since he was so adamant about going to the game.

So, I gave him a milkshake, and he seemed fine with it. When I was helping him put his uniform on, I kept looking at him and really was considering keeping him home, but he noticed I was observing him closely, and he forced a big grin on his face. Hmm...

When the team was warming up, Azer came to me a few times in tears and told me that there were "bubbles" in his ears. Yep ... ear infections. He looked horrible. I asked him if he wanted to go home, or if he wanted to sit and watch the other boys play. No, he absolutely had to play in the game. He played pitcher and first base, and got a few kids out, fever and all. When he was up to bat, he hit that ball over the kids heads. Amazing, really. And he practically cried through the whole game.

So, after I took him home, I waited a few hours to see if he would improve. I had already given him more Ibuprofen than I should have. I called the CF doc on call, and he recommended taking him to the ER. Fun, fun.

The ER doctor said he has two ear infections, and that the ear drums looked angry and ready to burst. One of the ear drums ruptured as we were leaving, but I think it relieved the pain, because there was just so much build up of fluid. Azer got sent home with oral antibiotics for 10 days. He woke up once last night with ear pain, but this morning, he bounced out of bed with no symptoms, pain, or fever. Amazing, hu?

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Seth Soria said...

Our little Cfers are so tough aren't they!?! Glad he's feeling better :)