June 11, 2009

Great Clinic Day

So, Azer gained another pound and he grew a bit too. He's finally made it over 40 pounds. Wow! He weighs twice as much as the cat now. His eating has been coming along. The doctors always ask, "How's his appetite?" I explained it like this, "It's like eye floaters ... you think you see it, but you can't quite capture it, and keep it." Overall, the doctor was very pleased. Azer did very well on his PFT (Pulmonary Function Test) today and we finally got an accurate reading.

He learned to swim last summer, he needed a little refreshing. Now, both Azer and Reema are swimming like little whales in the pool.

He joined T-ball last month, and has been doing very well. He is keeping up with the other kids better than I expected. (Honestly, half of the team is either playing in dirt in left field, or looking at the sky). He is very focused.

Along with running bases, he guzzles the Gatorade like ... water. I think it's because of his need for sodium after sweating. Around the border of his baseball cap is a white border of salt. It's kind of neat to see that.

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