Great Strides Day!

We have raised a total of $202 for the CF Foundation! Thank you to everyone who has donated! You are making this possible for Azer!
We hope to raise more money at the walk. We're pretty excited! I'm glad Azer will get to meet other kids with CF. That way, he doesn't feel like he is the only one in the world with CF.

Again, thank you to everyone for helping make Azer's life and the life of other CF people better! Pray for a cure!


Great job in raising that money! Just make sure to practice good hygiene around other CFers...

Always praying for a cure.

Lydia said…
:) Thank you!
Froggymama said…
Hurray!!! Azer looks fantastic. Cheers to good health forever! xoxo
Lydia said…
Thanks a bunch! :)