March 14, 2009

Good Clinic Day

Azer gained some weight since the last clinic visit. At least he's not loosing. His X-ray looked great, no changes or progression. Azer's appetite has been nearly non-existent for the past few weeks, but somehow all his nutritional levels from the blood test turned out normal. Whatever little bits he is getting here and there somehow keep him going.

His pitching has been right on target, lately. He can knock a bottle off a target from about 25 feet away. It's pretty cool. T-ball registration will start very soon, and I think he will be going this year. Azer is very excited about it.

Our walk is coming up the week after next! I hope we can raise just a bit more money!


Froggymama said...

Azer is just the CUTEST! How do you say 'no' to that face? Both your kiddos are beautiful!

Good to hear everything is going so well! xoxoxo Elise (Froggymama)

Lydia Russell said...

Lol ... I hope things start going better for Froggy.