June 16, 2009


Azer has been having a lot of trouble with allergies lately. That's what I assume they have been. There has been no fever, or symptoms other than having a stuffy nose. One day, it was so bad, it sounded like his nose was totally clogged up when he spoke. He takes Zyrtec on a regular basis to keep the symptoms from coming, but it hasn't been working. So, the doctor prescribed an allergy nasal spray. Yay! A new medicine to add to the list. Ha! But seriously, it does seem to be helping.

At clinic day, Azer was giving the nurse an earful about cars. And he began to tell her what he considers "cool" cars... Chevy Silverados, Hummers, Corvettes .... So the nurse mentioned that she owned a Ford. If only I had a video camera recording at that moment. His smirk and stiffled laugh was hilarious. Apperently from that reaction, a Ford is not on his "cool car" list. Maybe he'll come around when he notices a few Mustangs.


Froggymama said...

I love Azer's cap! I went to the University of Iowa, and we were the Hawkeyes - the emblem on his cap. Very cool.

Lydia Russell said...

Wow! Cool! The whole season I was wondering where the Hawkeyes team came from. Azer thought that was pretty cool.

Katey said...

Hopefully the nasal spray is working wonders! Thanks for joining my blog! I finally took the time to check out my new followers! I look forward to keeping up with your blog and Azer...he is a precious little boy!!!