December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Phew! The holidays are over. Sometimes I feel like its a mad dash just to get everything in and done by December 25th.

Azer recently got a cold and recovered from it, but left a lingering cough.

Sometimes it is very difficult to figure out if we should take him to the doctor or not. About a week after his cold was gone, his cough would go from being very wet one minute, and dry the next minute. Well, just to be on the safe side, we went to the pediatrician (gosh, those visits can be agonizingly long). His chest X-ray looked fine, and he hadn't really coughed all day. So, it was mainly a matter of telling the pediatrician what usually happens when we have this come and go cough situation. She prescribed Augmentin (common antibiotic) and sent us on our way. Funny thing is, as soon as we got home, he started to sound terrible and had a very wet cough for 3 days.

Then a week later, we had a CF appointment (sometimes I feel like I should just get room and board in the hospital...) and he really didn't gain a whole lot in the past 3 months, but he did grow. I was pretty surprised about that, seeing as lately he's been eating us out of house and home. Donuts, cheese and chocolate don't last long in our house.

Anyway, Happy Holidays, and don't forget to do lots of treatments in the New Year!

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