August 16, 2007


Azer had another doctor's appointment last week. He gained a few more ounces, and the doctor said he looked good. He had a chest X-ray and that showed up clear too :)

Azer loves having his X-ray done. Ever since I told him that it takes pictures of his bones and insides (he loves having pictures taken). He gets excited when I tell him, "Time for X-rays!". I bet he is one of the easiest patients under 4 to have an X-ray taken. He sits so perfectly like they tell him to. This picture is of him playing in the lobby after the visit was over.

I had to share this experience ...

Tonight I ended up doing his last treatment late tonight. Reema had fallen asleep in her bed, so I decided to let him do his treatment in bed. He thought I should take a picture, so I did (I told you he loves getting pictures taken).

Anyway, he said he wanted to tell me a story. This is something like what he told me, "Today, we eat pizza (for) dinner, like at doctor (We had pizza when he was admitted at the hospital) ... Azer did vest and neba (nebulizer) at doctor too. Lotta sick people at doctor (at the hospital). Reema not sick, only Azer. Azer get sick and sick and more sick. Azer go doctor and get boo boo. Then Azer get happy (I think he means he got better) . See mommy? Azer mart (Azer is smart) and trong (strong). Good story mommy?"

I sat there with my mouth open and finally said, "Yeah, that was a pretty good story". Dang good story for a 3 year old. You bet Azer is smart. Smartest and strongest 3 year old on earth.


Froggymama said...

Hi, my daughter who is 2, has CF and I found you through the blogger world. I just wanted to let you know that I know what you're going through! xoxo Froggymama

Anonymous said...

You have an AMAZING boy! I loved reading his "good story". You're a lucky mama :)

Nancy (