June 27, 2006

Gained a pound

Yesterday, we went to see the GI doctor (Gastrointologist). He said Azer looks pretty good for having CF but he would like Azer to have extra body fat and to have him grow more than he is. Today we went to the CF doctor. Azer has finally gained a pound and he is about 27 lbs now. He had to get blood work (not fun) and a chest x-ray. Azer did so well with everything. He hardly cried at all, which sure made the day go alot better.

I can't wait until Azer gets old enough for the vest. The vest is a device used to perform CPT (chest precussion therapy). It saves time and parent's hands. Lately, CPT has just been so painful for me. Everytime I do it, my kneck and shoulders start pinching. I have gotten used to doing 30 minutes of CPT twice a day, but I guess it can take its toll on you.

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