May 25, 2006

Not Really Gaining Weight

Well, Azer isn't really gaining, or that's as much as I can tell on my home scale. We haven't been to the doctor's yet, but he has a GI appointment at the end of June. He is just not absorbing properly. All the fat he needs is passing straight through. The doctor said to give him two capsules of Prevacid a day instead of one. This is to further cut down on the acid in his stomach to give his enzymes a better chance at working. Since I've done this, it seems like some days he absorbs and other days he doesn't.

Did I mention I'm starting to try to potty train them? I was only intending to do Azer, but for a few weeks, Reema was almost totally potty trained, all by herself. It seemed to good to be true. And then, it just disappeared and she doesn't tell me she has to go anymore. Oh well, it was to good to be true. As for Azer, he's coming along... slowly. I'm really not pushing it too much, I just think, well if he just goes in the potty this one time, that's one less diaper used today.

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