December 4, 2005

Doctor Visit .. Loooong day

I had to take a cab to the doctors. Well, the cab guy showed up a half an hour late. I didn't think too much of it.

I had to deal with the kids with a single stroller all day, because my double stroller is broken. Not a fun thing, because 2 year olds tend to walk very very slowly. However, toddlers only walk slowly when you need to go somewhere quickly, because they don't see a reason to hurry up. Sort of reminds me of the same attitude cats have. (I love cats and toddlers regardless).

Anyway ... so, we do the routine visit, see the social worker, dietician, doctor, and then respiratory therapist. He didn't gain any weight or grow either. So, they decided to try out a new diet on him .. More baby food instead of baby cereal. Hey, whatever works at getting him to eat more, right? The doc says to put him back on antibiotics because it looks like the Staph is growing enough to cause Azer to cough and he also wants to start Azer on steroids administered by nebulizer. No big deal I guess, just one more medication to add into nebulizer time. The only worrisome thing about it is I have to make sure to wash his mouth out after the treatment because if I don't, Azer might get thrush. I've only heard of babies getting thrush.

Anyhow... so, when I was about ready to leave, I called the same cab driver back to come and pick me up. He says that it will be about 30 minutes. I say, ok, no problem. I cram the stroller into the elevator and wait for Azer to hurry up and get in (by the time he gets in, the elevator starts beeping ...) and we go get something to eat at this little cafe thing they have. Azer gags down a few bites of egg and Reema begs like a dog for every mouthful, but I manage to eat.

It had now been over 30 minutes, so we go wait by the door and watch people and children walk in and out. Most of the children have casts on legs or arms. Cute little babies, and screaming ones. I saw a lot of grandparents too. I notice its been about an hour, so I call the guy back again. He said, "Oh yeah, I'll be there in ... about ... 45 minutes ok?" sigh .... Yeah, ok. By then, both of my children are tired of running around like monkeys loose from a cage. So, again .. single stroller, only enough space for one child to sleep. So, Azer was in the stroller sleeping, and Reema asleep on a chair. Shall I continue? Long story short, it took two more hours until I was home. The guy said he had had a hard day. Maybe I should give the guy a break hu?

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