November 26, 2005

Got sick and recovered

Azer ended up catching a cold from someone last week. You could tell he wasn't feeling well at all, so we thought it would be wise to go to the pediatrician. That was like a whirlwind. They checked his oxygen levels which were at 92%, then they sent us down for a chest X-ray. When we came back up, his oxygen levels were 99-100%. That always seems to happen. They were talking about admitting him but thank God they didn't. The doctor called the CF doctor and they only prescribed oral antibiotics. He seemed to be feeling much the next day.

So NOW, he's been having chest pain when he's been eating. So, instead of Zantac, they switched him to Prevacid. I'm not sure if its helping yet. He still has a little pain, but not as much. It was scary seeing him have pain in his chest. I was thinking the worst, but apparently its nothing more than some reflux.

Anyway! Well, Reema has just been a handful these days. She cries if you don't give her some of the food from your plate. I'm trying to get her out of that, but geez, every time I sit down to eat she starts crying. So, now its come to giving her a plate of her own every time somebody in this house needs to eat. If we keep doing this, I don't know how big she's going to be next month. At least we don't have to worry about how much she eats.

She's not a petite little girly girl at all! If she sees something she wants, she just takes it. She seems to prefer blocks and trucks over her dolls. If she's pushing a truck in your direction, you had better move because your getting run down if you don't. She's like a tornado with a pink bow on top. Azer will just be sitting nicely on the floor building something, when BAM here she comes tearing everything down. Oh well, we love her anyway. We can always pick up the pieces of destruction she leaves behind her.

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