August 12, 2006

New Changes

I hope everybody likes the nice blue theme to the webpage and new additional information. I hope its easier on everybody's eyes ;) Well, I thought it was time for a change.

Azer has still been eating very well. He was looking really pale for about a week not too long ago. So, we tried adding more meat to his diet. I guess thats what he needed since he looks much better. Either way, he always has plenty of energy. Speaking of energy, Grandma sent a new toy. Its supposed to be for Reema's birthday but I just couldn't wait until the end of this month to put it up. Its a bounce house, jumping thing. Ok, well you can see the picture and come up with a name yourself. They love it! The description for it online was "Keep your couch for sitting, and your beds for sleeping". Haha. Yeah, at least they have a place where they are supposed to jump now. They just couldn't believe it when I said, "Yes, its ok to jump .... here".

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