June 16, 2021


Today was a follow up to March's ENT appointment.

Azer was a few pounds heavier than be was at CF clinic a few weeks ago. He's been better about doing his night feeds. He hasn't been doing his nasal rinses that frequently, but the ENT doctor said there weren't any polyps and that things looked pretty good. She wasn't aware that he's been on Dupixent for a few years, and she said she wished that more kids she sees could get insurance approval to be on it, since it really helps slow the growth of polyps, even to the point of delaying the need for surgery. 

Azer has been having drainage issues, but so far his lungs have been pretty healthy. 

Since he's been on inhaled Tobramycin for about a month, she wanted to do a hearing test, just to be sure that it isn't affecting his hearing. His hearing test was perfect, thankfully. 

Results from the sweat test: the results still show that he has Cystic Fibrosis, so either the Trikafta isn't lowering his salt in his sweat enough to see a change, or perhaps it's because he was fasting that day and didn't take it that morning. 

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