October 13, 2020

Surgery Not Done

So, in one of my previous posts, I said that the surgeon explained he would do a bronchoscopy before surgery to check for any birth defects. It turns out Azer does have a small birth defect, called an LCET, a Laryngeal cleft, that could cause what he is swallowing to go down into his lungs. He said the type he had was Type 1. The surgeon consulted an ENT doctor to confirm visually this is what he was seeing. The surgeon is holding off on doing the Nissen for now, as he isn't completely sure if Azer needs it.

Azer is waking up from the bronch now. The plan is to do a swallow study to see if the cleft is causing him to aspirate. If not, the surgeon do the Nissen. 

Here is a link explaining what Azer has.

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