September 8, 2020

Getting There

 Azer feels like his lungs are almost perfect. His PFT does not reflect that, as it is only a few points higher than last Thursday. 

It sounds like they will for sure do a CT scan sometime this week.

This morning, the entire GI team came in to listen to Azer's concerns. They gave him the option to do the impedance study here or at home. He hasn't decided where he wants to do it, but the important thing for him is that for the 24 hours he has it in, he needs to try to eat as normally as possible. This is difficult right now because his stomach is still very upset. 
He is frustrated trying to tell multiple doctors why he isn't hungry, but they may start another antibiotic to help his stomach settle down. 

The impedance study will show whether he is silently aspirating. If he is, his GI doctor said the best next step would be a fundoplicatin surgery, to physically stop the aspiration and reflux. She explained that he has been on so many GI medications through the years, and that if he is refluxing this bad, that surgery might be his best option. 

Azer asked them that if it turns out it isn't reflux, what could it possibly be, and what the next steps would be. They are unsure right now, but they are trying to work on crossing things out, if what it might not be. 

Azer got a surprise today from some fellow CF friends today! They sent some warm cookies! Thank you!! 😊 🍪 ♥️

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