May 22, 2020

Still Coughing A Lot

About a week into doing the inhaled steroids, Azer still was coughing so much that he was feeling very fatigued. He had another telemed visit with his Pulmonologist. There didn't seem to be a lot of options on what to try next. Azer suggested an inhaled antibiotic, Ceftaz, as this has helped in the past. The doctor said it was worth a try, even though his last culture didn't show any bacteria at all.

It seems impossible, but it appeared to be making his cough worse, and his cough turned wet. He said his lungs felt full. He contacted the clinic again, and they decided to test the aspiration theory. He started a modified dose of Trikafta, and restarted the EES. The first week of this, he had a lot of bloating, but this got better, and the fevers stopped. 

The coughing never got better. Azer had another telemed visit with the clinic. The doctor agreed with Azer that the coughing has been going on for far too long. She didn't think another course of antibiotics would help. He is starting a new sinus routine with steroids in his nasal rinse just in case there is some polyps that are causing mucus to drain into his lungs. She also felt like it was a good idea for him to try to be better hydrated, as this can only help hydrated his lungs and thin any secretions in his sinuses. 

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