February 24, 2020

The Current Plan

Azer has wrestled with the decision over the weekend of what to do, whether to stay for another week on IVs or try the EES again.

His PFT was the same as last Wednesday. His airflow was good and he had very little coughing during the test. He was disappointed with the number and felt like it should be better.

One of the fellow doctors that works with his main pulmonologist came in and Azer told her that he feels a lot better, but not completely at his best, and that he just wasn't sure what to do. He mentioned that before Trikafta, he seemed to do well when he was on inhaled Ceftaz, and that his lung function would drop on the off months. She said that in theory, he has been sufficiently treated for whatever has made him sick, but that a little more time might help. The plan is to switch him back to an IV antibiotic that covers MSSA the best, and to start inhaled Ceftaz. If his PFTs are higher on Thursday, we'll know it's working, and he can go home. If he starts to get sick again, he can start the EES and Trikafta on a modified schedule to see if he is aspirating. 

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