February 27, 2020

Home & Red Balloon Network Fun

Azer was a little disappointed in his PFTs today, but his airflow was pretty good, and he feels like his lungs are really clear. He wondered if the IPV was causing inflammation as he has very little mucus right now. Azer said he almost didn't care what his numbers were today as he was so ready to go home. He was happy to say goodbye to his PICC line today! This was one of the longest hospital stays he's ever had, but he is very relieved to be home.

He will continue inhaled antibiotics for a few weeks. He is glad to be done with IV antibiotics as for nearly three weeks now, he has had constant GI problems, even with Flagyl. We all hope that he continues to stay healthy and that whatever made him so sick two months in a row is gone.

Azer has had a lot of fun with the Red Balloon network for the last few weeks. He's been down in the Seacrest studios a few times. They have been doing more for the kids who are on contact, which is great for getting out of their rooms. 

Azer had so much fun doing a sports type show the first week, that they let him plan out his own show the next week. He found the videos and figured out where to start and stop them. 

Azer even did a few promotional videos for the Red Balloon network. He said even though this was a long hospitalization, that this was the most entertaining stay.  

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