May 29, 2019

Sick Visit

Over the weekend, Azer began to exhibit symptoms of a virus, mainly a sore throat. Over a few days, his cough sounded worse and worse. He had a low grade fever. We went to clinic today after he felt like he couldn't take deep breaths, and was breathing shallow.

He had a fever when we got there, even though he was on ibuprofen and Tylenol. He lost a few pounds since April's appointment. His PFT's were 10 points lower than usual, which was better than we thought it would be, seeing as he could hardly exhale without being doubled over coughing.

He was coughing out pretty dark mucus, his sinuses were full, and it appears he has an ear infection as well.

The best thing is an admission, but Azer wanted to try treating this orally first. We are again having difficulty finding an appropriate antibiotic for him to take that covers Staph and Steno. He can't take Bactrim, as he vomits on that. The GI doctor is taking him off his Erythromycin temporarily so he can take Levofloxin. We are using Reglan (it has a black box warning that I don't like at all)  temporarily, which hopefully will help his motility during his course of antibiotics. He is also starting steroids for about a week.

If he begins having trouble with vomiting, he will be admitted. They ran a virus panel, so we'll see which one he caught.

It's amazing how fast his lungs can take a downward turn. He went swimming yesterday, and ate well, and sounded like he was getting better. He also had braces put on yesterday! We all debated this decision for a long time, knowing that he could potentially lose weight more quickly if his teeth are sore. Luckily, the sore part doesn't last forever, and soon, his smile will be even better.

Update: He is positive for parainfluenza!

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