April 16, 2019

CF Clinic Sick Visit Follow Up

This was a follow up to Azer's sick clinic visit last month. He hasn't had another asthma attack since then, and has been breathing fairly well seeing as we are deep in the heart of allergy season. He felt like his PFT's could have been higher, but that he is a little bit more mucusy than normal.

Adding the extra half a can of formula to his night feeds has help. He gained two pounds in three weeks. The dietitian and doctor gave Azer lots of good ideas on other ways to add calories to things he already enjoys eating, including some new snacks he might like to try.

Time management has been difficult this school year, seeing as it's his first year of high school, and first year playing sports in school. I've always told Azer when he was little, because of the CF, you're going to have to work harder than others at everything you do. The social worker today basically said the same thing. Having CF is hard, and makes it harder to have extra time to do what you want. Azer is still learning about what works for him, what time of day works best for him doing treatments and homework, and how exhausting it can be getting to everything late everyday because of practice. He is so passionate about baseball, and we are all doing everything we can to help him continue to play!

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