January 29, 2019


An update on his CF culture: he cultured Stenotrophomonas, which we had the option of treating if Azer wasn't feeling much better. The problem with treating it is he has to come off of one of his GI motility medications, which causes bad reflux. So, he decided it wasn't worth it to treat right now.

Today was a follow up with ENT. Azer's sense of smell has been great, and he hasn't experienced any loss until this past week, when he came down with some virus. The ENT doctor ran a virus panel to make sure this isn't caused by the flu. She scoped him, and while there weren't any visible polyps, he was pretty irritated and gunked up. They cleaned him out a bit. The doctor suggested that Azer add two packets of the salt mix to his nasal rinse, to help thin the secretions. She will ask our CF doctor about putting him on antibiotics, whether adding it to his nasal rinse routine, or orally.

I will update when I hear about the virus panel and whether he will do antibiotics or not.

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