December 12, 2017

Growth Hormone Class

The Growth Hormone class was about two hours long. A nurse went over all the side effects, what to expect, and when and where to inject the hormone. She also mentioned some insurance companies don't cover growth hormones! (Something to keep an eye on in the future).

She allowed Azer and I to practice putting the needle on the pen, injecting some "fake skin", and get a feel for how the injection pen works. Azer did very well, and was soon ready to try his first injection. He did great, and did it all himself. The needle is pretty small and he said it hardly hurt at all.

Of course, anything that is added to his CF life causes change. This time, it includes less fridge space, and a sharps container. We should watch for side effects, the most common would be a bad headache. Apparently, sometimes the pituitary gland can swell and cause pain when growth hormones are first started, or the dosage has increased. In this case, we would have to stop the injects, and then at a later time, start them in small dosages. We also have to keep track of where the injections are each day, what days they are given!

We are hoping for great results and little to no side effects!

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