September 17, 2017

Nausea and reflux

CF is such a catch 22 sometimes. Tuesday, Azer started antibiotics to clear his lung infection that was bad enough to cause shoulder pain when he took a breath in. Now, this same antibiotic that is basically saving his lungs has caused him to lose 5 lbs in 5 days. That's a pound a day. Since he's gotten sick a few weeks ago, he's lost almost 10 lbs. He's almost the same weight he was a year ago. In an instant, all the weight gain we fight to put on and maintain is gone.

For the past 3 days, Azer has been experiencing nausea and reflux every time he coughs. Yesterday, he had a baseball game, and after we went out to lunch to celebrate and he wasn't able to eat much at all. He was able to drink two bottles of Gatorade and keep it down, but he felt so exhausted and weak by the evening. We couldn't finish his breathing treatment last night because every time he coughed with any force, he felt his stomach contents coming up. He had to stop his night feed early on last night. This morning, I gave him two Bethanechols after he threw up to try to help his stomach feel better so we could get his breathing treatment done, but we could only do one minute of CPT.  He said while he was throwing up this morning, stomach contents started leaking from around his G-tube stoma.

I looked into my past blog posts, and the last time he was on Bactrim, he was having a lot of vomiting issues as well. The last time, the doctors switched him to Levaquin. So, I called the On-call CF doctor to see if we can switch him to Levaquin again, which they will do. Hopefully, this helps, but he is suffering right now. He says he feels cold, but yet he is sweating profusely.

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