October 5, 2016

Clinic Visit

So, the other day, I happened to be sitting next to Azer during his nebulizers. I noticed his "Bubbles the Fish" mask wasn't fitting on his face very well anymore. He actually outgrew Bubbles.

Aww... couldn't resist.

So, prior to our clinic visit, he has been using the mouth piece with the Pari cup instead. The Hyper-Sal has been causing him to cough quite a bit during his treatments, like when he first started using it.  He seems to have been sounding more junky because of this. Both of us were dreading what his PFT's would look like. Even the respritory therapist wasn't expecting very good numbers based on how his cough sounded when he was preparing to blow.

His first blow was 89%. His highest FEV1 was 93%. That has been all he's talked about since yesterday. He feels very motivated and encouraged to continue to work harder and get higher numbers! 

He weighed in at 116 lbs yesterday. He is now nearly 95 percentile in weight. Wow... His height did not improve, however. So, we will talk with the GI doctor about it next visit.

The doctor was very impressed in how he sounded and was feeling, especially because this is usually the worst allergy season for him. He mentioned to her that during and after athletics at school, he feels like his chest is heavy, as though something was pressing down on it. She thinks this is mainly due to the asthmatic component, and not necessarily the "CF". She then explained to Azer in a easy to understand way why he needs two inhaled steroids and what their specific purposes were. He also discussed with her his bowel troubles he's been having, and they figured out he needs to increase his enzyme dosage at a few meals based on how much fat he is consuming. It feels great to take the back seat at times, and let him take the reigns!

After clinic, we went over to the main building to do his yearly Scoliosis X-ray.

Big Tex was on the way haha.

On the way into the X-ray room, the tech asked Azer to verify his date of birth. The tech had the same birth date as Azer! What are the odds. The doctor saw the results and messaged me within the same day. I thought that was pretty incredible. She said that his scoliosis is still very mild and is unchanged from last time. She said it hasn't progressed with his growth and is stable.

So, all around, fantastic news!

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