June 9, 2015

Going Home!

Yesterday, Azer blew 94% FEV1 on his PFTs. After only a few days on IV antibiotics, his lungs have improved considerably, so the plan is to continue the IV antibiotics at home. They are also waiting to see if he cultured any Aspergillus antibodies. His IGE level was elevated but not considerably high for him. His CT scan on his sinuses came back. Apparently, they are quite blocked and there is scarring and thickening. He had no obstructing polyps. The plan is to do a special sinus nebulizer after we are finished with the IV antibiotics.

It seems like the reflux hasn't really been addressed yet. The increased Zantac hasn't improved things. The latest I heard was we are going to restart the Nexium and continue with the Zantac.

He is ready to GO! 

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