October 1, 2013

Follow Up Clinic Visit

So, it's been a few weeks since he's been off of the broad spectrum antibiotic prescribed last month, and his cough has come back, and it has been productive. Surprisingly, his PFT got up to 93% Fev1. I know it can go higher, but the doctor was pretty pleased with it. He also gained a pound, which always amazes me, because he hardly eats some days.

On the sputum culture from last month, he only grew Staph again, but the doctor is realizing that it seems to be causing more symptoms than previously thought. So, he will be on a narrow spectrum antibiotic, which pretty much will treat only the staph. His chest x-ray compared to last years is actually improved. There will always be bronchiectasis, which is widening of the airways and it causes them to become flabby. So far, it is only in the upper lobes and the goal is to prevent further damage.

The doctor noticed a lot of post nasal drip, which he seems to always have. We are going to try OTC allergy medications again to see if it will clear up. The doctor wants to do a CT scan on his sinuses in a few weeks to check for nasal polyps. These are quite common in CF, and relatively easy to treat.

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