November 27, 2012

Looong clinic day...

His appointment was at 8:30 this morning, and we arrived there bright and early.

After a 7 hour clinic visit, I don't really know much yet. Apparently, his gut area (intestines, I'm assuming) has been hurting much more than I thought when he eats. The area where his liver is has also been hurting. They did an ultrasound on it, and that was painful for him. That area is sensitive to the touch. So, I'm hoping that his liver is alright, and that it is just gas and constipation that is causing so much pain. They also are running blood work to see his how his liver function is that way.

So, as usual, he doesn't tell me how much pain/discomfort he is in. If his liver has been affected by the anti-fungal medication, the medication will either be discontinued, or he will be given medication to improve liver function.

I am praying that his liver hasn't been affected, but I know that if it is, that it can heal itself relativity quickly.

As for his intestinal pain, he is probably constipated, which is part of the problem. In CF, all mucus secretions in the body are thick, and don't help the body. So, in his intestines, even if he has loose stool, there isn't any mucusy secretions to help it go through. So, oddly, constipation can happen very quickly, even if he is having a bowel movement everyday.

The second issue with this intestines is that if you have ever been on antibiotics for a long time, you can develop C-diff, which is a bacteria that can take over when all the other bacteria in your gut has been killed off. It is treated with guess what ... more antibiotics.

He is still on steroids  which, I think, has been affecting his mood somewhat. It can't be easy to be in pain every single time he eats. I'm ready for things to get back to normal, CF wise...


BG said...

Sorry Azer is having to go through this. :( Sorry ya'll were stuck at the clinic/hospital all day. Praying for good (aka benign) news!!

Froggymama said...

Oh boy. I'm feeling for you! Sending good, healing thoughts your way. xoxo