February 5, 2011

Worse Coughing

About an hour ago, Azer coughed, and when he inhaled, he made a weird wheezing noise, as if it was hard to get the air in. There just seems to be so much mucus in there.

So a call to the doctor, and we're going to try another oral antibiotic. Doctor said if there is no improvement in 48 hours, we will be admitted. So, hopefully things get better. I'm tired of the antibiotics, and the improvement for a week, and then things go downhill again. Frustrating.

Last night, three hours into his night feed, he threw up his formula. So, I stopped the feed, and gave up with it. Things seem to be just fine GI wise today.

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Becky Soria said...

What a roller coaster! I'm so sorry. You guys will be in our prayers.