February 10, 2011

Sort of Better?

Tuesday morning, I rushed Azer to the pediatrician because I was nearly in a blind panic because his cough just wasn't getting better. I hate it when I hear that deep, mucusy cough, and I just get a terrified feeling when I hear it. After being stuck in a tiny room for three hours, and doing another X-ray, I was basically told to just continue doing what I'm doing.

His X-ray showed some improvement. The CF doctors never mentioned this term before, but the pediatrician said there was "atelectasis". The doctor said not to think that it was about lung collapse, but that it was more like mucus plugs in the lower left lobe. So, I've been trying to focus CPT in that area to try to clear that out. Otherwise, his X-ray is improvement since Saturday. I am continuing the Clindomycin. His diarrhea has improved since I changed the type of probiotics he's taking. He is coughing and spitting up mucus during CPT. I don't notice him coughing up mucus during the Vest.

This morning, he threw up again. Later on this afternoon, he was bringing groceries and he ended up getting something that was like an asthma attack, and he had a terrible coughing fit, and his face started looking slightly gray. So, a quick nebulized Albuterol and a 15 minute Vest treatment ended it quickly.

So, sometimes it is obvious he's getting better, and other times I just don't know. But, we'll keep pounding away at him. :)

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BG said...

Hey girl,
Yep, that's a regular syringe. Our 3ml works fine. Our 5ml doesn't...however, you can get these tiny extentions for it.

I look forward to when Bennett can be as independent Azer with his g-tube! You give me hope! :)