February 18, 2011

CF GI appointment

We woke up extra early today because he had a early appointment this morning. He threw up his morning bolus within minutes of getting it down, unfortunately. 

Well, there are good things and not so good things.

Bad thing: His FEV1 is only 73%. His cough is not entirely clear. The doctor heard sort of an asthmatic wheezing when she listened to him. He had a very high result on an allergy test last month. They did another blood test today to test for specific allergies to aspergius. Apparently, this will help them treat the allergy/asthmatic component he has.

Good news: We're back to 52 lbs!! He grew a little bit. His vitamin levels they took last month were all fantastic. They are really happy with how he looks as far as weight gain and growth.

The treatment: Since the Erythromycin (for GI motility) did NOT work out at all, we are trying a gentler kind, bethanechol, on a low dose to see if we can stop the vomiting. We are starting Prednisone to help his lungs, and we are also increasing the Flovent.

Doctor said if there is not much improvement in his lungs, we might be facing a hospital admission soon. I don't want that for him right now, because baseball practice has started! And he's doing awesome at it so far! So, I'm hoping the steriods will help improve things quickly!

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