January 8, 2011


For the past few months, we have been religiously walking. After Christmas, we started to add a little bit of running in it. Today was the first day we started an actual plan. I thought it would help his PFT's and maybe help clear his lungs.

So, today was day one of the actual plan we got from Ronnie's site. Thanks Ronnie :)


We were following week 2 of the plan, but could not run for 2 minutes straight the last 3 times around. One thing I just don't get his why he coughs so hard after running for a consistent minute. I hear mucus coming up, and he tells me he can feel it moving around. But, it's almost like the air irritates his lungs,  because it seems like he just can't stop coughing. I recorded a little bit of it at the end. We did an Albuterol at the end, but he still coughed for about 15 minutes longer. I'm hoping when we get the Flovent next week, it will help ease the irritation, if that's what causes this.

Otherwise, he seemed to feel normal when we were finished.

I slowed his feed down last night to help with the reflux. He never eats that much on the weekends because we wake up late-ish. As in, between 7-8am. Someone asked me yesterday what I had planned for the weekend. Funny. It feels like there is just not enough time in the day for meals + bolus feeds. It's a can of formula for breakfast and he's too full to eat anything. At lunch time, he tries to eat a few bites of food, and then a couple hours later, it's another half a can of formula. Then in another two hours it's dinner time, and then it's time for nighttime feeding.  I feel like all I'm doing is injecting stuff into this kid's stomach all the time.

Well, time to stop typing ... time for night time feeding and breathing treatments! Yay! I get to watch Spongebob for a whole hour....

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Unknown said...

It was the same way for me when I started the plan. Keep him coughing, that's nothing but good. It's all about getting the mucus out and up.

Tell him that I'm VERY proud of him and to keep it up. It will pay off for sure :)