January 28, 2011

Feelin' Good

Azer has only been stooling about twice a day now. Flagyl and Augmentin are over. He's not been coughing much at all. His appetite is sort of there one day, and gone the next, but he's not been refluxing nearly as much as when he was on 4 1/2 cans a day. I think it was just too much for him.

Off and on, he still has been vomiting right at the end of his night time feed. I just think it's weird that it's only after night feeds. We've slowed them down, sped them up, no change. It's strange and exhausting.

The jogging program has been going well. But we are still stuck on Week 1 of the plan. We can't seem to run for more than a minute at a time. So, we're just walking less in between running for a minute. The kids and I feel great and energized, and we look forward to the time spent together exercising. It's a great bonding experience. Happy kids = happy home!


MHughes said...

I think it's so great, that you guys are getting out and exercising together. Easier said then done! Maybe some exercise will help Azer's tummy a bit. Hoping he's feeling better, poor guy.

BG said...

I did see Azer's boo-boo and actually thought you when we had to go the ER! It was so random since I had just recently read your post about it! I am so sorry you are also overwhelmed. I cannot imagine how hard it must be without your hubby near. Brian has been an incredible partner during all of this and as provided me the emotional stability to hang in there. I hope you have that in friendships while you wait for your husband is afar. I pray he will come home soon! You know, something I read on your blog a long time ago still sticks with me - about when you saw Azers clubbed fingers and you realized that as hard as you fight, CF is still winning. I think that post really shifted the way I view CF. I try to focus more on management of the disease and on making the most of life while we have it, rather than getting caught up that CF is taking over. Thank you for your words! Your posts are also a blessing to me! Thinking of you!

BG said...

You said, "Yes, there is a decline, yes, there is progression. I might slow it, or I may not slow it, but I will do everything I can to make him feel as healthy as possible." Quality of life, not quantity." I *totally* agree. I find myself spending alot of time thinking about the person I hope Bennett will be with CF, rather than the person he won't be because he has CF. I firmly believe Jeremiah 29:11 for both of our boys (Azer is such a handsome fellow, btw).

You said, "You encourage me on almost a daily basis. Thank you so much." I feel the EXACT same way about you, L. :)