September 1, 2010

Good Clinic Day

Yesterday was a routine CF clinic visit. I had to take Azer out of school as soon as we got there. Took us almost an hour to get to the hospital.

He gained a pound and a half, and grew another half a cm! Doctor said his lungs sounded clear, even though Azer has a wet cough. Azer also has a lot of sinus drainage right now, but most of his class has that as well, so it might be a virus. Azer's PFT's were only 76%. I would have liked to see it higher, but he does have the wet cough, so hopefully that is the reason. Doctor wants him on antibiotics for 2 weeks to see if that will help clear him up. They did do a throat culture (Azer calls it the gag test)

I've been sort of worried about CFRD (CF Related Diabetes) lately, as he has been drinking water and peeing constantly. So, they ran a glucose test on his urine, and it was normal. They also drew blood yesterday, so, hopefully that runs normal as well.

 They have this new medical device called J-tip.  It is used for other medications, but we like it as when it is used with Lidocain, it causes the skin to be completely numb in about a second. So, I was hoping they had this in the lab before they drew his blood. It dramatically decreases Azer's anxiety about it. But in the lab, the technician said that they don't use it there, because only a nurse can administer it, because it is a medication. I know they have to follow policies for everyone's safety, but it's always difficult to see Azer crying and nervous over getting blood drawn. It was over in a few seconds, though, and he got a little toy and was ready to move on.

Azer was such a goof in the clinic. He was making jokes, and being really entertaining to all the staff. Our Child Life specialist came in and asked him if he'd like her to come to his class and talk to his class about CF. He's thinking about it. Azer is pretty good at telling other kids about CF, but most of the questions revolve around his G-button.

Azer was telling the different people in clinic yesterday that he really loves his Mic-Key button, and his happy he has it. Also, it's always great to hear from a nurse that we are doing a really great job with him. So, yay for a good clinic!


Seth Soria said...

Seth hates getting his blood drawn too! Glad to hear the button is doing good for him! Hows he liking first grade?

Hunter's Mom said...

It sounds like overall it was a good clinic! :) So happy for you guys that he is growing well AND that he is happy he got the tube! Sorry he had to get poked (we have a hard time with that too). The new jtip sounds cool - I haven't seen it used before. hmmm Anything that would make blood draws less painful is a plus in my book. *as for the worries about CFRD --- that's one of mine concerns too :( Sometimes his blood sugars are a little high and then we'll have to go back in and do another (meanwhile I'm stressed that this time it's going to be time we find out he has it...but so far the second test has comes back okay.) *I give you props for noticing the increased thirst/peeing...I'm not sure I really know how much Hunter drinks/pees these days